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Every Third Thursday at 6:30pm

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Suffragette: My Own Story by Emmeline Pankhurst

September 21 6:30pm

The gripping memoir of the leader of the British suffragette movement who was named by Time as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.

With insight and great wit, Emmeline Pankhurst’s autobiography chronicles the beginnings of her interest in feminism through to her militant and controversial fight for women’s right to vote. While Emmeline received a good education, attending an all-girls school and being expected to conform to social norms, she rebelled against conventional women’s roles.

At the age of 14 a meeting of women’s rights activists sparked a lifelong passion in her to fight for women’s freedom, and she would later claim that it was on that day she became a suffragist. As one after another of the proposed feminist bills were defeated in parliament, Pankhurst was inspired to turn to extreme actions. While she was the figurehead of the suffragette movement, it advocated some controversial tactics such as arson, violent protest, and hunger strikes. Even today there is still debate about the effectiveness of her extreme strategies, but her work is recognized as a crucial element in achieving women’s suffrage in Britain. Her mantle was taken up by her daughters and granddaughter, with her legacy still very much alive today.