We Are Making A Difference!

As part of our annual Charitable Contributions program, this year the Club awarded $1500 to A Window Between Worlds. Located here on the Westside in Venice, AWBW’s programs use art-making as a tool for empowerment and healing, impacting over two-hundred thousand adults and children who have experienced violence and trauma. They also train facilitators from around the country to use AWBW’s programs. Covering topics of trauma, oppression and cultural humility, these training sessions lay crucial groundwork for facilitators to create a foundation of safety for art workshop participants in their communities.  For more information about A Window Between Worlds, go to

AWBW facilitation trainees at completion of their training session this summer.


SMBWC Supports Next Generation of Doctors at UCLA

One of the programs the Club supports is the Next Generation Doctors program at UCLA which is formally known as the Women’s Reproductive Health Research Program.  Graduates of the program are in medical schools, residency positions, physician assistant training, and other fields of service.

On October 16, Pat Webber, Marcia Stein, Addie Stalk, and Tery Schooler attended an event at UCLA where the current students shared their work, goals, and dreams.  Two patients shared their compelling personal stories and gratitude for the care they had received that was directly related to work that has been going on in the laboratory.  The evening was inspiring on many levels, especially knowing that our Club is truly making a difference in the lives and health of women now, as well as for women in the future.

As you may know from past newsletter articles, the goal of this program is to provide a unique educational opportunity for students who are planning careers in healthcare so that they have a better understanding of how critical research is in order for patients to receive the best possible treatments. The students volunteer in a research laboratory under the direction of Daniel Dumesic, MD and Gregorio Chazenbalk, PhD.  They actively participate in highly sophisticated research that is designed to improve health for women.  The two areas of focus are infertility and a condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which affects 7-10% of women.  Their work has been published in prestigious medical journals and presented at scientific meetings.  Several of the publications and poster presentations acknowledge the Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club for their support. For more photos and a video on this project go to