Upgrades Make Our Beautiful Building Even More So!

This past year or so has seen a few upgrades to our Clubhouse.  One of the most notable changes was to the lighting in the ballroom.  Those plastic fluorescent lights from the 1960s were replaced with hanging lights in a style that reflects the building’s architecture.  At the same time we replaced and upgraded the dangerously old electrical system, so all the lights, including new sconces on ballroom and balcony walls, can be dimmed.  

Now that the summer heat is on, we can all appreciate the new air conditioning (and heating) system installed for the first floor.  The Board is currently exploring having air conditioning installed for the upstairs.  It’s wonderful.

In the last week of July, new linoleum floors were laid in the women’s and men’s toilet areas and new high seat, low-flow toilets put in.  And that includes new plumbing too!

We also purchased and installed a laundry washer and dryer upstairs in the kitchen.

Perhaps not as noticeable is the refreshed paint on the outside of the building, including new lettering above the door.  As you all may know, as a registered historical building in Santa Monica, no changes in design can be made to the outside.  But the fresh coat of paint makes quite a difference.

Our new light fixtures in main ballroom.